About Rebekah

Rebekah is a modern-day medicine woman practicing a balanced combination of ancient ancestral and modern-day healing techniques. She was born and raised in Camp Verde Arizona and has been practicing holistic healing arts since a child as she was taught by her elders. She is a motivational speaker, author and spiritual mentor.

In 2007 she received her transformational life coaching certification and in 2008 she received her corporate coaching certification from the Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona. Since then she has gained many years of experience in therapeutic residential treatment programs ranging from private boarding schools to holistic treatment centers as a behavioral health technician, lead support staff and program director.

In 2016 Rebekah trained with Holly Conklin of Angel Intervention specializing in crisis intervention and in 2020 she became AEGIS certified as a de-escalation specialist.

in 2021 Rebekah became a volunteer community coach for the Yavapai County Reentry Project (a project of MATFORCE) a regional support system that promotes successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals back into the community.

Rebekah pursued an interest in shamanism, earth medicine and Native American healing, theory and practice and since has developed the ability to help others heal just about anything spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Her techniques include earth medicine, life coaching, soul retrieval, guided imagery, shamanic journeying, communication with the spirit world, drumming, animal medicine, interpreting the sacred path oracle cards, dream interpretation, medicine wheel teachings, and smudging.

Rebekah’s heart belongs to Native American philosophy, traditions and history. Rebekah’s bloodlines include Scotland, England, Ireland, and North America.

She was born with the ability to walk between worlds (spiritual and physical) and uses her gifts to help others find clarity, understanding, and direction. Rebekah works with owl medicine to help others discover the truth, a truth that will set them free.

She has an amazing ability to hold sacred space for others and teaches them how to authentically stand in their own power and heal themselves. Rebekah’s sessions and teachings are empowering, uplifting and life changing.

In addition to her therapeutic background, Rebekah has been working with visitors coming to Sedona since 2005 as a vortex tour guide. Rebekah is also well educated in ethnobotany and primitive desert survival. When in Sedona you just might run into her out on the beautiful red rocks!

On quiet days at the office or at home, Rebekah will be working on her art, listening to peaceful Celtic or Native American music and burning sage.

“I love earth medicine! I grew up very close to nature and now use all of the wisdom I’ve learned to help others learn to heal themselves.” -Rebekah

I am beyond amazed and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rebekah. My very first session experience exceeded my expectations and provided me the understanding and closure my mind, body and spirit needed! Words cannot describe the feeling afterward. Thank you Rebekah -Lolis Morales


Very authentic experience! Rebekah was amazing, kind and knowledgeable! extremely grateful for crossing her path! I’d recommend her teachings to anyone! Gregory John Ingrao