Ancestors Return Documentary Film

I am excited to share this documentary film project…

The idea of “Ancestors Return” came to me a long time ago, first in a dream then started to become my reality.

Only a few years ago I started to realize that I was receiving messages directly from the ancestors. They began to give me messages and direction on how to return to the old ways and what I must do. I first started to notice it when I would go to the ancient home sites of the ancestors and begin to meditate, sit with them and pray. Sometimes I would ask them questions and as I sat and listened quietly, they would speak. Most of the time they would respond with short direct answers. Sometimes I didn’t get an answer at all and sometimes, they would get my attention by saying, “we have a message for you.”

The guidance I am getting is that I am supposed to travel to as many of the different reservations as I can in Turtle Island (North America) and interview the wisdom keepers, elders, grandmothers and grandfathers of the tribes on what we can do now to start returning to the old ways and to honor the “Red Road” of Creator. This film will not be a “bash on white man” documentary of the past (we already have too many of those) but instead focus on solutions and what we can do now.

Another concept of Ancestors Return is the belief that we carry the memories of our ancestors in our DNA and every so many generations, the memories would start to resurface. These memories would be the key to healing the past and make way for future generations.

The Ghost Dance prophecy says that since many Native people lost their lives during the European invasion, that someday the spirits of those people would return to bring balance and harmony back to the earth, but since there wouldn’t be enough physical Native bodies for them to return to, they would actually come back through any means possible, and that would include all colors and races of man.