Become a Soul Retrieval Specilaist

Become a soul retrieval specialist!

Learn how to help others quickly and efficiently heal past emotional trauma that may be keeping them stuck today by using strategic life coaching and guided imagery techniques. This work all happens in a quiet place and in ones mind. You as the practitioner become a guide for your client to process unhealthy emotions.

This amazing Soul Retrieval Specialist certification course is completely online so you can work at your own pace and make your own schedule.

In this training, you will learn how to combine the core concepts of Life Coaching with an emotional healing and trauma release technique called “Soul Retrieval.” With the combination of these two powerful techniques, you can help others heal and find direction in profound ways. You will also learn how to navigate all timelines through time travel in the mind and how to help your client communicate telepathically with whoever shows up on their journey. You will also learn guided imagery and shamanic journeying.

This course is very different than any other “soul retrieval” training program you might have experienced. Rebekah has been walking the shamanic path and practicing spiritual medicine since 2006. She is now very excited to offer this uniquely blended training and proven healing techniques to you. This training is guaranteed to add incredible value to your existing practice. New to this type of work? That’s great! Look no further, Rebekah’s training will not only help you in your own personal growth but also with your career goals.

During this course, you are encouraged to practice as much as you can with your “practice clients” to get the best results.

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